Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blurb Blitz: Texas Heat by Gerry Bartlett & Four Nights at Sea by Demi Alex

Texas Heat
by Gerry Bartlett
Four Nights at Sea
by Demi Alex


GENRE:  Texas Heat = Contemporary Romance
    Four Nights at Sea  = Erotic Romance




Cassidy Calhoun can't believe she's the secret daughter of an oil billionaire. This small-town Texas girl with student loans by the barrel has never gotten a thing she didn't earn for herself.

The terms of her late father's will say Cassidy—and her newfound spoiled half-siblings—must work a year at the family's floundering business before they inherit a dime. Too bad the only thing Cass knows about oil is that it makes the junker she drives go.

Mason MacKenzie, the evaluator for their test, will help her get up to speed. Or will he? Mason is a boot-wearing, truck-driving Houston hottie who runs Calhoun Petroleum's biggest rival. The sparks between him and Cassidy could combust any minute. But the closer they get, the more strange near-accidents Cassidy seems to be having. And Mason has plenty of reasons to play up their attraction for his own benefit.

If she can trust him, the two of them working together might save a crumbling dynasty. But if she can't, Cass might just lose both her fortune and her heart . . .


Charlene “Charlie” Stanton doubts her maiden voyage on a lusty singles cruise will direct her sails toward love. But an unexpected lothario just might change the tide in her favor . . .

Charlie boarded the Cozumel-bound Lovers Sail cruise hoping for nothing more than writing an article that would make it into the pages of City Wings, a trendy travel magazine. Still recovering from a highly publicized divorce, love is the last thing on her mind—especially when she realizes she’s mistakenly booked herself a spot on a kink cruise. That is until she meets Ford, an outsider just like her, and he whips her attitude into submission. Despite rules limiting their interaction, he shows her a world where pleasure is encouraged, and nothing is forbidden. And with Ford as her anchor, she begins to wonder if she can turn four nights of fantasy into more nights of reality when the trip is over . . .


Excerpt Two:
Four Nights at Sea

Charlie debated whether to kiss her boss or kick him in the balls. Paul was off his rocker with this one.

“That’s right, ladies. This is your chance. We’re going to feature the winning article in the Valentine’s issue,” Paul said, puffing out his mouth-watering chest and grinning haughtily. “The selected piece will join ‘Aphrodisiac Foods from Around the World’ and ‘How to Say I Love You in Twenty Languages’ in City Wings’ Valentine’s edition.”

Holy shit! This was it. This was the chance Charlie had been waiting for. It was the break she needed.

“Our readers devour anything and everything having to do with international desires,” he continued. “It’s a way to escape the daily grind and dream of possibilities. Who would have thought New Yorkers were so romantic?”

Yes, Charlene—Charlie—Stanton wanted her writing to win. She wanted to publish a real feature, with her own byline, in one of the trendiest travel magazines for New Yorkers. No, she didn’t want to compete against her friend and roommate, Kathryn Taylor, though. They’d worked together at City Wings for over two years, worked well together as copy writers and staff writers, and now Paul was pitting them against each other as feature writers. It was so messed up.

A disastrous idea.

“Get out there. Do your research,” Paul said, circling his hand above his head like he was a Texas rancher. “Lasso someone who makes your body hum, and write about the perfect place to find love, ladies.”

“Seriously, Paul? Lasso someone who makes our bodies hum?” Kathryn rolled her eyes, then smacked her forehead with the back of her hand. “Wait. Hold on a minute. Wait . . . wait. I’m seeing a handsome man, in a far off and romantic place like Paris, sweeping me off my feet.”

Paris. Kat had to go and mention Paris. Like, why? Did it really matter if Paris was the most romantic place on Earth if neither of them wanted to fly over and find out?

Charlie didn’t travel well and wasn’t in the mood for a trip to the doctor in order to get a prescription so she could get on a flight. Kathryn had to stop speaking about the perfect place to find love on the other side of the Atlantic. How did one argue the romance of Paris?


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gerry Bartlett is a native Texan and former teacher with more than twenty published novels. She lives near Houston, Texas.

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Demi Alex writes steamy romances, blending emotional fulfillments of the heart and carnal desires in her work. Born in Athens, Greece, and raised in her own version of a big fat Greek life in New York, Demi was infected with book and travel bugs early, and currently admits the only therapy for this condition is to combine the two in fictional stories that allow her characters to let loose and experience all they crave. She attended SUNY at Stony Brook, and after changing her major numerous times, graduated with a degree in Public Policy and International Studies. Her characters are loosely based on people she encounters while she travels or during the time she spends matching homes to owners as a Realtor. She simply has a passion for matchmaking that can’t be put to rest.

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The authors will be awarding digital copies of both books on tour to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. Stopping by with a virtual cafe au lait to say thanks for hosting!
    Adore writing series (purely selfish...I get to hang out with the characters for extra books!).
    The sexy duo, Charlie and Ford, make appearances in not only Four Nights at Sea, but also in book one of the International Affairs series from Lyrical Press, 26 Hours in Paris. What more can an author ask for? <3
    I'll drop by later to see if readers have any questions.
    In the mean time...Happy Wednesday!

  2. these books look awesome! what a great post