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NBTM: The Soul Seekers Series by Marilee Brothers

by Marilee Brothers





Twenty-two year old Honor Melanie (Mel) Sullivan has an affliction. Due to childhood trauma and inappropriate social behavior, she is diagnosed with Aspergers, a form of autism. But, Mel knows Aspergers is not her true affliction. She prefers not to gaze into a person’s eyes because she is a soul reader, and what she sees can be frightening. It can also get Mel into trouble.

After a brush with the law, Mel leaves her family home in Southern California and travels to Oregon where she meets Harley-Davidson riding William McCarty (Billy the Kid) and stumbles upon a human trafficking/baby-selling scheme involving a foreign girl from Kazakhstan, and others. Even though Mel's life is in danger, she won't stop until she finds the answers that will help those unable to help themselves.


Transplanted California girl, Melanie Sullivan, vows to stay in Oregon until she nails the killer of her best friend, Dani. Mel’s ability to search a soul for innocence or guilt is a big plus. Her love for Billy the Kid, former Marine and now a detective with the 3 Peaks police department is also a factor in her decision. She’s not quite sure what’s going on with Billy. Has the PTSD from his Middle East deployments returned?

When a hate crime is committed in 3 Peaks, Mel is recruited by sexy Homeland Security agent, Mick, who requires her soul-reading ability. Mick doesn’t hide his feelings. He’s more than eager to step in if Billy steps out, a complication Mel doesn’t need or want. As she goes undercover, Mel embarks on a dangerous journey, aided by her Uncle Paco and devoted friends. Along the way, she learns a valuable lesson about the power of forgiveness.


Excerpt One:

I lean down to drop a chaste farewell kiss on his forehead. A split second later, I’m flat on my back, pinned to the bed and Billy the Kid grins down at me like a naughty little boy. He rips out his ear buds and pulls the cord free until the music washes over us. It’s a rock and roll tune, a blast from the past.

“Hey, baby,” he says. “Wanna dance?”

Before I can form an answer, I’m swept off the bed and twirled around until I’m dizzy and laughing uncontrollably.

He sets me on the floor and pulls me tight against his body. “You sneaking out on me, Minnie Mouse?

I manage a weak, breathless protest. “I’m supposed to meet Steve at 9:30 a.m. I need to get going.”

He cups my face between his palms and brushes his lips across mine. “You sure about that?”

“Well, um...”My body says bring it on. My brain chimes in, promptness is overrated.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Marilee Brothers is a former teacher, coach, counselor and the author of ten books. Marilee and her husband are the parents of three grown sons and live in central Washington State. After writing six young adult books, Marilee is once again writing romantic suspense for the adult market. She loves hearing from people who have read her books.

Feel free to contact her at and sign up for her newsletter The Obsessive Page Turner. Her author page on Facebook is: and she occasionally tweets @MarileeB.

Check out Marilee’s Amazon page here:

Marilee’s blog is Book Blather, where she features aspiring and published authors as well as some tidbits of her own.

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Interview with Marilee Brothers

Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

That’s a complex question! Inspiration is like dipping water from many wells. First and foremost, it comes from my personal history. When I wrote Moonstone, which morphed into a five book series titled Unbidden Magic, my main character was a fifteen-year-old girl. I had no problem tapping into my fifteen-year-old self, even though quite a few years have passed. Now, I’m once again writing for adults and, even though I have fantasy in my books, I like to keep them relevant by including current issues. For example, Affliction deals with a human trafficking/baby-selling scheme while one of the plotlines in Allegiance involves a hate crime. The fantasy aspect springs from my extremely overactive imagination.

How did you do research for your book?

When I first started writing, the Internet did not exist. I spent a lot of time at the library. Now, I can do research while at home in my jammies – so much easier. I have a digital notebook where I keep relevant pieces of information as well as pictures of what I imagine my main characters look like. I also clip articles from newspapers and magazines. For example, the book I’m currently writing features a paramilitary type encampment in the mountains where the residents are heavily armed. I found an extensive article about such a group in our local paper and, of course, saved it. This led me to do more research on guns on the Internet. As previously stated, the fantasy part, such as Mel’s ability to read souls, comes squarely from my mind.

Do you have another profession besides writing?

I spent many years as a teacher and school counselor. My romantic suspense, The Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam, draws from my experiences working with behavior disordered kids (in a humorous way.)

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

As long as I could come back to the present time, I would love to go back to the 12th century England during the reign of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. The first book I wrote was a medieval romance titled The Curse of the Rose and took place in 1172. I have a notebook filled with medieval trivia. The reason I want to come back is because life expectancy was short and many women died in childbirth.  

What is your next project?

I’m currently working on Book Three, the last book in the Soul Seeker series. The title is Hope and Honor and it features a pair of five-year-old twins who capture Mel’s heart. As mentioned before, Mel gets involved with a paramilitary group and, much against her natural inclinations, takes shooting lessons. In addition, she chooses the man she intends to spend the rest of her life with. I promise a happy ending for the series.


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