Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Grand Kid table

My husband put a new table top on our porch table that was warping. I wanted to make it look nice, but couldn't figure out what I wanted. Then I thought about my Grandkids. 9 of the 11 kids live within a few minutes of us, the other 3 are out of state.
   We invited everyone over for hot dogs and hamburgers. My oldest Daughter painted the kids hands, my Daughter In Law helped the kids place their hands and applied  enough pressure to get full hand prints. We put the kids in order from oldest to youngest all around the table. Then My Oldest Daughter Put the saying, the date and each of the kids name on their hand print in the middle of the table, I will be putting epoxy resin on the table this weekend to protect the table for many years to come.
I just love my new table!!

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