Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lily's Cowboys (Heaven Sent #1) by S.E. Smith

I had to kind of battle with myself to decide if I wanted to give 3 or 4 stars. The story line was great don't get me wrong. I was way turned off by the brothers way of being demanding and demeaning to Lily though. Everything also moved a bit fast, how can you be in love from the minute you see someone and also decide that in that minute they are just gonna let you sleep with them and drag your 2 brothers in the bedroom with yall. Yes I do now this is how menage books go but I don't know maybe you should ask her first.

I did like the story line though. Lily's parents were killed by an awful man who wanted Lily for his own. He goes after Lily when she walks in and finds her dead mother. She runs away and ends up at the swollen lake, instead of letting him catch and torture he she dives into the lake and dies. For the last about 100 years she shows up to families who need her help not only as a housekeeper but to help put their lives together. When the families no longer need her she goes away.

Maggie Cunnings is trying to keep her 3 nephews straight and to help them heal their mental wounds and one his physical wounds. She is loosing the battle. She has finally had enough and decides she will find them a new housekeeper and she is going back him to Florida, she has had enough. She storms out of the house and goes to a friends cafe in town when Lily walks in and asks the owner if they know of anyone hiring a housekeeper. It's an answer to Maggie's prayers.

Maggie takes Lily back to the house shows her around and leaves her to her job. Lily doesn't want to fall in love with the sexy cowboys because she knows it won't be long until she will move on to the next family. But sometimes the heart just doesn't listen to the head.

There is also someone stalking Lily. He wants to be immortal and has decided she will tell him how.

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