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Excerpt Tour: A Minor Deception: A Joseph Haydn Mystery by Nupur Tustin

A Minor Deception: A Joseph Haydn Mystery
by Nupur Tustin


GENRE: Historical Cozy Mystery



Kapellmeister Joseph Haydn would like nothing better than to show his principal violinist, Bartó Daboczi, the door. But with the Empress Maria Theresa’s visit scheduled in three weeks, Haydn can ill-afford to lose his surly virtuoso.

But when Bartó disappears—along with all the music composed for the imperial visit—the Kapellmeister is forced to don the role of Kapell-detective, or risk losing his job.

Before long Haydn's search uncovers pieces of a disturbing puzzle. Bartó, it appears, is more than just a petty thief—and more dangerous. And what seemed like a minor musical mishap could modulate into a major political catastrophe unless Haydn can find his missing virtuoso.


EXCERPTS (Exclusive Exerpt):

What could Barto have done to prompt a visit from the Police Commissioner?

Haydn had just neared the town hall when Herr Groer, the Bürgermeister, hailed out to him urgently as he hurried up the path from the castle.

Herr Haydn!” he huffed, coming to a halt before the Kapellmeister. The unaccustomed exertion had flushed his cheeks a deeper red than usual. “The imperial visit—” Herr Groer put one hand on his hip and clutched at his heart with the other, still panting. “Do you have any news?”

A blast of cold air wrapped itself around Haydn’s neck. He ignored it. “News? What news, Herr Groer? What have you heard?” How badly, he wondered, had the previous night’s unexpected snowstorm affected the roads?

The Bürgermeister had regained his breath. He shook his head. “That is just it, Herr Haydn. I have heard nothing. The Hungarians are always rumbling on about something or the other. To my mind, they are more bark than bite, but Count Pergen must think otherwise.”

Haydn squinted at the Bürgermeister, struggling to take in his words. “Count Pergen?”

He is the head of state police,” the Bürgermeister explained. “A man of a deeply suspicious nature from all I have heard.”

Yes, yes, I do know who Count Pergen is, Herr Groer. But why should his suspicions concern us?”

The Bürgermeister gazed heavenward in silent prayer as he ran his hand through his thatch of thick, white hair. “Ach, Herr Kapellmeister, did I not tell you? The Police Commissioner, Count Pergen’s man in Eisenstadt, went to the castle early this morning, and has just left. Shortly thereafter, the Estates Director was rushing around in a frenzy, looking for you. Even you must see that can only mean one thing, Herr Haydn.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Author Bio: A former journalist, Nupur Tustin relies upon a Ph.D. in Communication and an M.A. in English to orchestrate fictional mayhem. The Haydn mysteries are a result of her life-long passion for classical music and its history. Childhood piano lessons and a 1903 Weber Upright share equal blame for her original compositions, available on

Her writing includes work for Reuters and CNBC, short stories and freelance articles, and research published in peer-reviewed academic journals. She lives in Southern California with her husband, three rambunctious children, and a pit bull.

For details on the Haydn series and monthly blog posts on the great composer, visit the official Haydn Mystery web site: NTUSTIN.COM

A Minor Deception: A Joseph Haydn Mystery
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Ebook (ISBN-13: 978-0-9982430-0-9): $4.99
Print (ISBN-13: 978-0-9982430-1-6): $14.95

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