Sunday, January 8, 2017

Emerge Beyond Circles by John Geers

About the Book

_cropped-final-emergebeyond-paperback-page-001Title: Emerge Beyond Circles
Author: John Geers
Genre: Fantasy
Thuban-Pol is the latest in a lineage of Siberian witches. Their eternal aim is to guide humanity to true love. Their guiding tenet, “For love to bloom, these three endure: sacrifice, perseverance and suffering. But the greatest of these is suffering.” Since the dawn of humanity, they have summoned countless couples, inflicting suffering with the intention to grow true love. They have never succeeded…but now they have their best opportunity in two couples from Wisconsin.

Author Bio

John Geers drew inspiration to begin his debut novel from a dream he experienced.
Hours spent in the caffeinated air of his favorite coffeehouse proved to be the perfect place to complete Emerge Beyond Circles.
John is a middle school literacy educator, where he inspires and is inspired by the writers of tomorrow. He is the founder and facilitator of his school’s Creative Writing Club. He is also a columnist for the online magazine Elephant Journal.
He loves a good story, being on the water, and witty puns. He can be found hiking the wilderness, biking big hills, sipping dark coffee, and looking for a chair in the mall.


Interview with John Geers
Where do you get inspiration for your stories?
The nugget of an idea that eventually became Emerge Beyond Circles came to me in a dream. In addition, I am an avid watcher of people. How people live and what they are forced to cope with in life inspires me to write about the power of love.

How did you do research for your book?
I traveled to most of the locations I used as settings. I spent a lot of time in Madison, Wisconsin walking the streets and taking it all in. I traveled to Portugal and Boston as well. I did a tremendous amount of reading to bring an authentic feel to the story.

Do you have another profession besides writing?
I am a sixth grade teacher in Muskego, Wisconsin. I teach literacy and social studies. I also coach track and cross country. I facilitate the school newspaper and creative writing club as well.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?
I would go to the dawn of humanity and witness the emergence of the human race.

What is your next project?
The next project is the sequel to Emerge Beyond Circles. I am also planning to release an inspirational adult picture book titled Valise. I am also a regular contributing columnist on Elephant Journal, an online indie magazine. I plan to continue work with them.


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