Friday, January 27, 2017

Dark Revenge (The Amaranthine Chronicles, #2) by Tiffany Shand

Let me start by saying you will want to have all 3 books when you start this series. Each of the books basically stop in the middle of the story. They are short books, the whole series took me about 6 hours to read in total. 

The main characters are Kaylan Avilion she is a part of the Amaranthine people and also a healer. Elijah is her fiancé and partner. Geth and Sierra are their friends and also their partners. The 4 are trying to save their city of Ormere.

It has been a year since Elijah was taken from Kaylan in a blast during a bust gone wrong. She left the city right after and has now come back. Almost instantly on her arrival back in town she has a run in with a werewolve like creature and is saved by another creature who she quickly finds out is her ex Fiance Elijah. She finds out he had been turned during the explosion. She also finds out her sister Freya is missing. Together they try to find Freya and save the city from whoever is turning people into creatures.

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