Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bug Bite Thing

It may be winter time according to the date, but I live in Florida. There are bugs year round and most of them do bite. The other night my Grandson was here and playing outside, he is 2. He was bit on the side of his leg by I think a mosquito. So I got to try out this Bug Bite Thing. 

It is very easy to use. push the side levers down, place it over the bite and pull up on it like a syringe. I pulled until it gave me a lot of resistance then held it for about 30 seconds. It seemed that a lot of the bites swelling went down and for the next couple of hours that the kids were here he never scratched or bothered with the bite again.

My Grand Daughter who is 4 also got a bite on her arm. She kind of flipped out when the I suctioned the Bug Bite Thing. Not that it hurt but I guess I should of let her experiment with it for a second. It was new and different and she felt the pull of it like most kids got scared I guess. 

This Bug Bite Thing does seem to work and it so much better and easier then sprays and creams that only seem to work until it dries into the skin. My Grand Son never did scratch his bite again and it was totally gone the next day.  This also needs no batteries.

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