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Book Tour "The Great Connection: Worlds in Waiting" (science fiction) by Garry Abbott

Title: The Great Connection: Worlds in Waiting
Author: Garry Abbott
Genre: Science Fiction
Following an unfortunate incident involving a delivery drone, a fishing net, and a very tall tree; Raif Masters finds himself forced by his overprotective alpha parents to spend his last school holiday exploring extraterrestrial worlds in ‘The Great Connection’: a real-time simulation of the observable universe, rendered into virtual reality home entertainment. 

But Raif, a "child of three", is not alone. Terry, bound to the service of the Masters family, is looking forward to a very early retirement after one last summer looking after his young charge.

Together they meet Cinder, a fellow simunaught who is seeking a crew to share a secret discovery from the other side of the galaxy that could change the life of the Masters, and the future of the Earth, forever. 

But are some discoveries best left unconnected?

Author Bio
Garry Abbott is a science fiction author from Staffordshire in the UK where he lives with his wife and two cats.

Garry has published the short story collection 'The Dimension Scales and Other Stories', and his first full length space opera novel: 'The Great Connection: Worlds in Waiting'. He is currently working on his third title, a sci-fi comedy, working title: 'Transported'.

As well as writing science fiction, Garry has regularly contributed topical comedy sketches for the BBC and produced scripts for community arts productions and performances. 

Garry's influences include Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Philip Pullman, George R. R. Martin and Dennis Potter.

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Excerpt 5 – The old City
Brandon held onto the rail and poked his head out of the back of the truck. Opposite, the Graywolf security liaison officer had planted himself as flat against the sides of the carrier as possible, all the while keeping his head turned away from the scenery that scrolled behind them.
The reluctant junior officer had feebly insisted on being addressed as Mr Knott when they first clambered into the transport at the checkpoint. He had already made it known several times throughout the journey that the motion of the rickety vehicle over the bumpy roads was not agreeing with him on both a physical and emotional level. The thought that the hurtling metal tomb was being steered by a mere human was not helping either.
‘Look at it,’ Brandon said to the wind as the derelict suburban corridors flashed by his periphery.
‘I’m okay as I am, thank you.’
Mr Knott held on a little tighter and continued studying the wooden panelled floor for potential splinter threats should he fall.
Brandon watched on as a rather nice–looking, art-deco town house with a miraculously unbroken stained glass window with a sunset scene flashed by.
‘Why do they prefer to squat in the centre while these houses just sit here rotting?’
‘They’re not allowed,’ said Sharma. She was an escort from the security detail and stood at the rear of the container with her feet wide apart, cradling her gun like a chihuahua.
‘These streets don’t belong to them no more, and anyway, the water here’s bad and they’re all off the grid. No power, no heat, no water. Hardly prime real estate, huh?’
‘Seems a waste,’ said Mr Knott, allowing himself a quick shaky peak out of the back.
‘Well, what would you prefer?’ Sharma laughed back. ‘A big, bloody electric fence or something? These streets lead right to your doorstep, one way or another. They’re a buffer so you can be all safe and happy working and shopping for your toasters and chinos.’
Mr Knott detected more than a hint of pious sympathiser coming from the tough lady with her pet pistol.
‘They chose to opt out. They got the old Cities. That was the deal.’
‘Yeah,’ she sneered. ‘They chose it.’

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