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A Date With Desire Tour by Heather McGovern

About the Book

Nestled in the
lush green mountains of North Carolina, the Honeywilde Inn will be a romantic’s
dream getaway, if only the Bradley siblings can keep it running. It will take a
combination of hard work, good luck, and the kind of love that dreams are made of
. . .


Devlin Bradley knows Honeywilde Inn’s
no-dating-guests policy is a sensible one, but when has he ever followed the
rules? Sure, he’s been working to change his reputation as the rebellious
Bradley brother and town troublemaker, but the captivating new guest from
Atlanta is worth risking his family’s disapproval.


Anna Martel is going to relax—even if it kills
her. The alternative is a spectacular breakdown, according to her therapist,
and that’s something Anna would like to avoid. Taming her workaholic ways isn’t
going to be easy with nothing to focus on, though—until she meets devilishly
attractive Devlin. His slow, sexy smile is a temptation she can’t resist, even
if she knows he’s nothing more than a distraction. Or is he?

Chapter 1

Looking at the Bradley brothers was like staring into the sun.
A beautiful, blue-eyed sun, so big and bright the sight hurt a lit- tle, but Anna still studied them with a sharp eye as they buzzed around the check-in area.
They were all tall, hair the color of rich coffee, and in the kind of rugged shape that came from working in the mountains. The family photo on the resort’s website didn’t do them justice, especially not the rakish-looking one in the corner.
He was more like a sun god.
A sun god, sent to whisk a weary traveler like her away from the ever-tightening grip of big-city reality. Pamper her with luxury and cater to her every whim and wish.
Good Lord, she was word-vomiting in ad copy.
Her brain whirred on high-speed work mode when she was sup- posed to be checking into the Honeywilde Inn and Resort to relax and recover.
Her therapist was right. The time had come. She either took a break or had another breakdown. The choice was hers.
“You’ll be in Cabin Five,” one of theother Bradley brothers said. His shiny namebadge announced him as Roark Bradley,General Manager. “Trevor will show you the way up. Cabin Five sits at the highestpoint on the property.” He turned to who sheguessed was the youngest of the three. “Trev, take my truck and have Ms. Martelfol- low you. Five can be tricky to find untilyou know your way around.” While hemurmured to Trevor about offering to helpwith her lug- gage and watching the steepbend in the last turn, the third brother
stepped out of his corner.

Devlin Bradley, Hospitality Manager, his name badge read.
Devil Bradley might be more fitting.
The slow, sly drag of his gaze up her body, from the tips of her toes to the sunglasses stuck on her head, would be lewd if he didn’t look so adorable trying to hide it.
Arms crossed over his body, he leaned against the reception desk and scratched along his temple, checking her out around the side of his hand and in between his fingers.
All of this, she noticed from the corner of her eyes because she was not checking him out too. But, if she were checking him out, she’d say he was easily the handsomest of the three.
No, handsome wasn’t right. His brother, the manager, was hand- some.
Devlin was sexy.
Tall and filled out, he was still a littleleaner than his brothers. His dark hair was too long on top to be considered professional, eyes hooded like he’d recently woken from post-sex nap, and a jawline that’d make any model jealous. Broody, in aclassic James Dean sense, but with hint of boyish charm.
He was the type they hired to advertise trendy clothing lines, and she was half tempted to call her office and let them know.
But she was not working right now. She was supposed to be on vacation.
Just a woman, on vacation, admiring a good-looking guy as he proceeded to fake cough so she’d look in his direction.
Anna pinched her lips together to keep from smiling.
Devlin was tempting, no doubt a handful, and she couldn’t deal with any of that at the moment.
Taking a break from her burgeoningcareer, leaving her job in the lurch, that was enough to handle. Following her therapist’s advice of rest, recovery, and “participating inthe process of grief  would likely prove toomuch.
She had no room in her vacation for blue-eyed devils, she sucked at relaxing, and the process of grief could take a flying leap off this mountain.
“Are you all set, ma’am?” The youngest Bradley straight up ma’am-ed her as he walked by.


Author Bio:
Heather McGovern writes contemporary romance in swoony,
southern settings. While her love of travel and adventure takes her far, there
is no place quite like home. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and
son, and a collection of Legos that's threatening to take over the house. When
she isn't writing, she's working out, or binging on books and Netflix.
She is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as
Carolina Romance Writers, and she's represented by Nicole Resciniti of The
Seymour Agency.

Connect with Heather on her website, Facebook, Twitter, or
her group blog. She'd love to hear to from you!

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