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SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You by Tim Carthon

Book Details:

Book TitleSCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20)  by Tim Carthon
Category:  Adult non-fiction, 153 pages
Genre:  Business & Economics / Entrepreneurship
Publisher:  Createspace
Release date:  Nov 7, 2016
Tour dates:  Nov 7 to 25, 2016
Content Rating:  G

Book Description:  

How many times in your life have you been dissuaded from following your entrepreneurial dreams due to either fear of failure (be that fear from yourself or others) or doubt due to the unknown? SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20), the first in Tim Carthon’s new 5-part business tips book series, gives you streamlined, powerful tips for pivotal decision points that can make all the difference in your business and its startup outcomes. SCREW YOU! is the quintessential ‘Break glass in case of a fear and doubt emergency’ business tips book for aspiring entrepreneurs; bringing energy to their warrior and light to the unknown so that they can tell fear and doubt “SCREW YOU!” and never let either of them rule their lives again.  

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Meet the Author:

Known as ‘The Fiery Truth-Teller,’ Tim Carthon is a long time at-risk youth advocate, keynote teacher, author, and educator, and a proud father of his namesake TJ. Mixed with his passion for telling the “fiery truth” and helping people, he is using his extensive knowledge of and perspective on business infrastructure to ‘uniquely’ assist individuals in inner cities to remove fear and doubt and follow their business ownership dreams. Tim accomplishes this through his exclusive E2 Seminar™ (Economic Enlightenment Seminar) and SBI Workshop™ (Startup Business Infrastructure Workshop™). His saying and life’s motto: “Your life was not given to you for you. It was given to you for you to be a blessing to someone else.”

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Interview with Tim Carthon

1. How did you do research for your book?
Through 15 years of entrepreneurial life. The best teacher is experience, and the experience of
starting a business cold turkey and running into seemingly every single obstacle to success was
the majority of my research. Oh, and that whole, awesome Google® thing.
2. What made you write a book about…?
One of the biggest obstacles to entrepreneurial success is mental impotency. It’s not that you
don’t want to get your entrepreneurial mind up. It’s that your excitement for what you want to
do has been drained and made, in essence, limp by naysayers. I wanted to write something that
would give aspiring entrepreneurs fuel that would both reinvigorate and make their
entrepreneurial dreams, and hopefully their actions, potent once again.
3. There are many books out there about….What makes yours different?
My book is part of a system I’ve developed that goes from my Economic Enlightenment Seminar
to my Startup Business Infrastructure Workshop™, then to my post-seminar/workshop business
consulting. The book is, in essence, the Gatorade® for aspiring entrepreneurs when the people
who are too fearful to start businesses inevitably attempt to dissuade them from moving
forward with their business ownership dreams.
4. What advice would you give budding writers?
How many words do you speak a day? Now imagine writing them down. How many pages in a
book would they fill? The key is to write first, edit later. To use music turns, it’s much easier to
do a remix of something than to create a composition. Once you come up with your concept, get
everything in your head out, and then rearrange and add to it.
5. Do you have another profession besides writing?
Yes, a number of them. I am a keynote speaker on startup business infrastructure and he
Executive Director for the National Greek Awards™. Just as one has to have a stock portfolio,
you have to have several streams of income as well.
6. How long have you been writing?
For about 12 years.
7. Do you ever get writer’s block?
It’s funny that you ask that. I was just stating to someone about a month ago how I have never,
in my entire writing life, gotten writer’s block (knock on wood). I’ve sometimes wished that I did 
when I was trying to sleep and my mind wouldn’t turn off
8. What is your next project?
That’s an ‘ancient Chinese secret.’ Follow me on social media @TimCarthon and stay tuned.
9. What genre do you write and why?
Business startups, Politics, and Greek Life. So that should be genres, not genre. And why do I
write about them? Passion and legacy.


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  1. (*Walking into this wonderful establishment...) Heeeeeeeeey T and a great afternoon to your audience! :-)

    1. Thank you for stopping by!! Best wishes to you and your book!!

    2. Why thank you! It is definitely my pleasure. A beautiful place you have here. Will be stopping by again soon :-)

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  3. How did you come up with name of this book?

  4. Thank you for your question.

    As you and I both know, the literary world is saturated with great works. So, in order to stand out, the visuals of your book cover have to be eye-catching.

    Since I'm known as "The Fiery Truth-Teller," this meant that the colors, the images, and the title needed to be bold...the latter, for instance, being something said loudly and in all caps. However...

    ...that alone would not be enough.

    The title also had to have purpose; a purpose to which people could immediately relate and which would activate questions inside of them.

    That's when the wick to the 'educational curiosity bomb' inside all of us (some planted deeper than others) gets lit.

    Since fear and doubt are two of the biggest startup barriers to an aspiring entrepreneur, I needed something that would give these visionaries potent and instant ammunition to fight against them, hence:

    'SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20).'

    The title instantly pushes you to begin questioning yourself about every single fear and doubt you've ever had about taking the entrepreneurship cliff dive (and why it seemingly has been labeled as a 'dive' instead of a 'flight' in most people).

    Once you get an individual to start asking themselves questions, then they're hooked.

    Once they're hooked, they're open to listen.

    Once they're open to listening, that's when TRUE education begins, and then...

    ...BOOM! :-)