Tuesday, November 22, 2016


About the Book

New from Lori Goldson, the author of the
four-star rated novel Irene in College: The Life & Times Series,
book 1,
 comes the new-adult
fiction novel The Adulthood: The Life & Times Series, book
the follow-up sequel to
last year’s debut.
With her degree in hand
and college campus in her rear view mirror, 22-year-old Irene Jimenez is ready
to grapple with her newest adversary, adulthood. With the help of a family
friend, Irene quickly lands a job where she meets her new boss, the brilliant,
charismatic, and virile Justin. Fear-stricken and paralyzed at the idea of
being on her own for the first time in life, Justin’s guidance in the workplace
leaves Irene intrigued to get better acquainted with her new boss, despite her
current relationship situation with her live-in boyfriend, Artie. Justin
notices Irene’s inquisition, and admits his curiosity about her as well,
despite his own set of personal and professional obligations.
Enjoying her work and
curious about her boss, Irene finds herself losing sight of the objective, and
turns to her longtime friend, Michaela, who is entrenched in her own adulthood
obstacles with her girlfriend, Ryan, including a domestic dispute that pushes
Irene even closer to her boss in ways that leave her boyfriend, Artie, jealous.
Irene and Michaela are equally trapped in wading the waters of adulthood as
they try to balance their actual jobs with their romantic desires and fears
contained. Irene finds herself struggling, however, with balancing work and
pleasure with Justin as her boss, and is soon placed in a new work environment
where an old adversary becomes a new supervisor, and is forced to confront old
emotions that she thought were buried in the past.  
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About the Author

My first
novel came along during the wee hours of the night in 2011. I was laid off and
laid up after a car accident, and figured it was time to bring my goal to
light. Four years later, it is finally available to the masses. I took every
frustration and disappointment that life had handed me thus far and created
some truly relatable characters. Who wouldn't be able to connect to a lost
college student? Aren't we all lost to some extent at that time? 

I'm a Jersey girl through and through who lives
in Pennsylvania. I'm a Westonian, a Blue Hen, and a Hawk with a flair for the
Spanish language. I've been bit by the traveling bug on numerous occasions, 
and I won't be surprised if my first child is born in the
middle of a yoga studio
. Oh yeah, I have a husband now.

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