Wednesday, November 9, 2016

AIWOTOWOW 2 Pin Plug Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper

This is one of the coolest hand held bugger zappers I have seen. I have one that runs on batteries. I like this one so much better. This one is rechargeable. At the bottom of the handle is the plug in. The prongs fold in so they are not in the way when you are using the fly swat style zapper. Folding in also helps protect the prongs. This also has a really bright flashlight. on the handle is the control to turn the zapping power off and on as well as the light.  You do have to be careful with this bug zapper and keep it out of reach of children. The metal wires on the head do shock. It effectively kills flying bugs with a simple zap when they touch the screen. It can shock you too if you touch it.

I live in Florida and we have flying bugs year round. This is a great item when I want to set in the yard. It is light weight. It is shaped like a tennis racket. It is made of plastic with wire on the head.

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