Tuesday, October 18, 2016

YoCoo Colorful Baby Children Night Light Lamp Helicopter Intelligent Timer Mood Lamp

This is the cutest most most versatile nightlight I have ever seen, Oh yea the kids love it too. This is a great nightlight. Not only does it plug into the wall it is also cordless. Great for if the power goes out at night. The kids won't be in the dark. Our 2 and 4 year old always uses a nightlight, they will not sleep in the dark. This light has multicolor lights as well as white light. You can choose a color or you can let it rotate through all of the colors, It also has a timer. The off and on witch are on the bottom of the helicopter. To choose the lighting mode just gently push on the light itself. Please see my video review for a more in depth review and to see the light in action,

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