Tuesday, October 18, 2016

SUNGAIT Men's Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

These are super nice sunglasses. My husband and I ride motorcycles and a great pair of sunglasses is a must have, These are perfect. The lenses are wide enough to help keep any flying dust, dirt, and bugs from hitting your eyes. They are dark enough to be able to see clearly in the sunlight. They fit very well on my husbands face also. He likes that they are very lightweight as well, and they look great on him. The glasses come with a pull string bag to keep the sunglasses in when not in use. They also come with a very nice screwdriver for the glasses that comes on a  key ring, and a lens cloth to keep the glasses clean of smears. We are both very happy with these sunglasses. I will be buying a set for myself now.

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