Saturday, October 8, 2016

Safety Pwease Strong Adhesive Baby Safety Locks - 6 Pack

I actually wanted these safety locks more for a dog then for the kids, My Daughter's dog is staying with us at the moment and she figured out real quick how to get into the cabinet that has my kitchen trash in it. I wake up to my husband cussing some mornings, other days I come home from where ever to trash everywhere. I was putting a chair in from of the cabinet to keep her out but was afraid of marking up my floor with the chair legs plus it wasn't helping if someone forgot to push the chair back up to the cabinet. With the lock she cannot figure out how to get in it is a 2 handed process. You push the button and then lift the latch. These are working out great for me, and when the kids come they can't get in the cabinet either. I have also put one on my cabinet that has my household cleaners to keep the kids out.

I received this free but am not required to write a review, but since it works I decided I should let people know.

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