Saturday, October 8, 2016

Professional Salt And Pepper Grinder Set by MIUMI


I was looking for a replacement set of salt and pepper grinder for my itchen table. I have a very nice one it is the tall kind that holds both salt and pepper you flip it over to get the salt and the other way to get the pepper. I really like it but the problem with it comes with each little bump of the table it falls over and ends up in the floor. So when I saw this site it caught my eye and i decided to give it a shot. This holds a lot of salt and pepper, probably twice as much as my old grinder. I can bump the table as much as i want and it does not fall over. I love the look of it as well. The clear glass container and the stainless steel top section look great on my table. I love that the ceramic grinder can easily be set to get the size of grind I want. I prefer larger salt grinds and almost powder pepper grinds. This set does a great job of grinding the coarseness I want. It doesn't fall over, it is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and it looks great on my table.

I received this free but am not required to write a review, but since it works I decided I should let people know.

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