Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nascent Iodine Concentrated Liquid Drops for Best Absorption - Ultra6 Nutrition

When my Daughter was 13 she developed a tumor on the outside of the right side of her thyroid. The doctor removed the right half of her thyroid. They figured she was young enough that her left half would kick into gear and take over enough to not have to put her on thyroid medicine. This did not happen I guess. She will gain a good bit of wait all of the sudden and then she will loose a whole lot of weight. Her doctors suggested she take iodine to stabilize her. Since her thyroid goes both ways she cannot take one pill or the other. I ran across this iodine and she has been taking it for a few weeks now. She is able to put the drops on her tongue, it has a kind of sweet taste and she washes it down with water or juice. I am not positive this will help but it is a easy fix if it does.

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