Tuesday, October 18, 2016

KEDSUM 300pcs Multicolor Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brushes

My Daughter loves to put put make up on and she loves to give her friends make overs. She is actually quite good and doing makeup. I do worry about her using her mascara brushes on different people though. So when I ran across these disposable mascara brushes I jumped at the chance to hopefully not only protect my daughter but her friends as well from maybe getting a eye infection from someone who the mascara brush that came from the tube was used on. Also If my daughter was to get an eye infection of some sort she can use these brushes and toss them out instead of having to toss the hole tube afterwards. Mascara is not cheap and tossing a whole tube could get expensive quick. I actually like the length and shape of the brushes they are better then some of the brushes that come with the tubes. These are long enough to work well with the taller tubes of mascara.  With 300 in the set my daughter can make over all the friends she wants. I like that these come in 6 separate packages as well instead of all stuffed into one bag. Great for keeping them clean and safe until you need them all and I was able to keep one of the packets for myself.  These would also be great for beauty shops and make up shops to use with samples and make overs.

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