Wednesday, October 26, 2016

GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler

Super nice electric stapler. I don't use a stapler daily but I do use one quite often. My right hand does not work like it should and I have had surgery which actually made it worse. I am right handed and using a manual stapler is pretty much out of the question at the moment. This stapler is about the same size as my old office styled manual stapler just a little taller. I can actually use my right hand with it since all you do us barely push on it and it staples the papers together. I don't have to pick it up to use it, it stays on my desk. The cord is long enough to actually reach a plug in. I am very happy with this stapler.

I received this free but am not required to write a review, but  I decided I should let people know about my experience with it.

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