Tuesday, October 18, 2016

EVERSPORT 2PCS 5M Clotheslines Portable

Contrary to popular belief it actually rains a lot in Florida during certain times of the year, and clothes dryers can kill your clothes, and they do heat up where ever they are. I personally like to line dry certain clothing and when it is raining I cannot put my clothes outside to dry. I do have a covered porch and these clothes lines are perfect for hanging clothes when it is raining. You get 2 16.4 foot long clotheslines in the set. I received pink and green. They also come in blue. The colors are packaged at random. These are the coolest ropes I have seen they are made up from grids, they are about 1/2 inch wide I like the grids you can hand hangers between the posts and they won't slide around if it is windy. You can use clothespins with these lines as well. At the end of each clothesline is a metal hoot to wrap around the post you hang it from, you can also connect both lines together with these hooks. These really are nice and you can even pack them when traveling.

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