Tuesday, October 18, 2016

COMTEX Mens Watches Quartz Analog with Stainless Steel and White Dial Wrist Watch

I have been looking for a gift for my husband. He did need a new watch so when I ran across this one I knew it would make a nice gift. I was thrilled when it arrived. The picture really didn't do it any justice. It looks great in person. I know my husband will love it. My husband does not like or wear digital watches. He is Old School I guess you could say. Finding nice watches with a nice and easy to read face is not always an easy task. This watch is easy to read and looks great. The band on it is very nice. I love the look of the whole watch. It has Japanese Quartz Movement, I actually wore the watch for a little while to make sure it would keep time and it never lost a minute. The hands moved nicely around as well. It is a great watch. Perfect for dress or every day.

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