Friday, October 28, 2016

CamShield WebCam Cover | Pack of 3 - Silver | Reusable, Safe, and Secure

With so many ways of hacking now a days I was told to cover the webcam on my laptop. So I did with what I had handy. I had a small band aid covering my webcam. Yep it was ugly. I ran across this set of Web Cam covers and decided to give them a shit since I hated looking at the band aid. 

The covers come attached to a small business card sized card. There are 3 on the card. They are tiny silver squares. You peel one off the card and stick it right over your webcam lens and you are done. Simple easy and painless. The stickers are removable and reusable so when you do want to use your webcam just peel the sticker off and stick it either back on the card or onto the frame of your screen. When you are done just stick it back on your webcam.  I am not sure how many times you can peel it off and put it back on but it is so much better then a band aid.

I received this free but am not required to write a review, but  I decided I should let people know about my experience with it.

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