Thursday, October 20, 2016

50 Foot Black Expandable Garden Hose by SUNNORS

I have a 1 acre yard and plants all over that yard. Having a good water hose is very important to me. I  live in Florida and certain times of the year we get tons of rain, other times it could be weeks in between rain. I love my plants and I love having green grass. I end up watering daily during those almost drought times in order to keep my plants and lawn growing. Water hoses can be very heavy and bulky. This hose is 500 feet long when the water is on but when the water is off is shrinks up to about 17 feet. It is very lightweight even with the water on. It also comes with a 8 way sprayer. There is a setting great for what ever you want to make wet, from very tender plants to washing the car. You can also add extra hoses to the end in order to make it longer.  When the hose is not in use you should make sure the water is off and either take the sprayer off or let it spray until the hose is empty so you do not rupture the inner hose. I am very happy with this hose.

I received this free but am not required to write a review, but  I decided I should let people know about my experience with it.

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