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BOOK TOUR: She Never Got to Say Goodbye by Ica Iova

She Never Got to Say GoodbyeBook Details:
Book Title:  She Never Got to Say Goodbyeby Ica Iova
Category:  Adult fiction, 216 pages
Genre:  Romantic Thriller
Publisher:  FriesenPress
Release date:  March 9, 2016
Available for review in:  ebook (mobi and PDF)
Tour dates:  August 1 to 12, 2016
Content Rating: PG-13 + M (this book includes mature themes and may include profanity, non-explicit sex scenes and / or violence)
Book Description:
When Olivia trades her promising career for a more domestic lifestyle as a wife and mother, she expects many things but never to see ghosts much less be one.
Her life with her handsome husband, Brandon, a successful criminal lawyer, starts as a happy one, but following a tragedy, guilt, alcohol and drugs crush their blissful world in a hurry. One minute Olivia is planning to leave the marriage and the next she’s floating at the foot of her son’s bed. Dead. Murdered. And all evidence points to Brandon as the prime suspect.
She is angry and determined to make him pay, but soon, she learns that if she wants justice, she must follow the clues that reach back into Brandon’s past.
Suspenseful, romantic and awash in the afterlife thrill, She Never Got To Say Goodbye captures the power of love and friendship.
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My Review:
The book started a little slow but once it got moving it was really moving.

The story is about Olivia. One night she is tragically murdered and believes her husband killed her. She does not cross over but comes back to make him pay for killing her. The big question though is did he really kill her or did someone else do it and if so did he have any part in it?

In the beginning the book jumped a bit fast for me from one time period to the next but it was well worth it. Once you had all of the back ground you needed from the first few chapters, then the book really took off.  The book carries you through a full torrent of emotions. You get the sweet, the love story, the sad, the grief, the scary, the determination, the mystery, and then it rounds back to love. 

It really was a great book and I really enjoyed it.
About the Author:Ica Iova
Ica Iova is the author of several books—two of which are award winners. She Never Got To Say Goodbye, won bronze at World’s Best Story, 2015, and Boundaries, was a finalist at WBS, 2014.
Ica writes what she enjoys reading. In her novels, she brings to life powerful, gripping relationships and fascinating characters to which readers can relate.
A former Examiner at, Ica is also an avid reader and a Reader’s Choice Official Reviewer. When she is not writing, editing, or marketing, she’s a proud wife, mother, and grandmother, with a substantial sense of humor. She loves spending time with her family and pets, shopping for shoes, or just lazing around with a good book.
Author website:

Guest post by Ica Iova
A lesson learned

From a young age, I discovered—and fell in love—with creating worlds and happy endings. I began “fixing” stories written by famous authors, mostly by giving them happy endings or inserting various scenes that I believed would spice up the story. Then, I began writing my own stories, and yes, I had self-doubts, fear of failure or need for validation. All that was—is—part of the creative process, but I now consider myself a professional writer, not only because I write, but because by pursuing my dream of writing, I taught my grandchildren to dream, too, especially my granddaughter, who is now 13-years-old. For years she sat beside me, sometimes an hour at a time (an unusual long time for a child to sit still) and observed with a certain amount of intrigue as I was writing one book or another. One day she asked me why I didn’t write children’s books. I told her I wouldn’t know what to write in such books. I don’t think my answer sat well with her. Though she never voiced her true thoughts, the look in her eyes all but shouted, “What kind of a writer are you?” About half-way through She Never Got To Say Goodbye, my granddaughter began talking about wanting to write a book. She would come up with the topic if I helped her write it. I agreed, especially because her topic—bullying—is a social issue with so many ramifications. Using the pen names, Alexa and Angel Dumas, we—she—titled the book Unbullied. The book has received positive reviews—including one from Readers’ Favorite. Though it’s very short, our readers seem to appreciate the challenge of writing about such a difficult topic.

You see, to her, it didn't matter if she was going to succeed; what mattered was that she fulfilled her dream.


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