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Book Blitz: Finding Ford by Kristin Coley

Finding Ford

by Kristin Coley

Genre: YA Contemporary Fiction

Release Date: March 5th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

Whoever said life was easy or fair? No one, that's who. 

Life was perfect or as perfect as it can be when you're sixteen and your boyfriend is about to leave for college out of state. But really life was on track, we had a plan. 

Colt had a full ride to Alabama for football, he was going to go pro one day. Everyone knew it. He'd been working his whole life for it, scouts drooled over him at Pee Wee football, for Pete's sake. 

And me? I was getting out of my parent's house the day I graduated, headed to any college that would take me. But my plan was to go to Alabama with Colt. 

But the best laid plans, right? 

The stick turned blue, then there was the one with double lines, oh yeah the one with the plus sign and finally the one that screamed PREGNANT. Don't judge, I wanted to make sure. But that last one was the nail in my proverbial coffin. 

Let's just say I wasn't expecting that. 

Don't hate me. I made some choices, choices that I'd like to say I would have made differently if I'd known how it would all turn out, but we can't really go back now can we? 

Enter Ford. He was the perfect son. The golden child. Smart, good looking, straight A student headed for law school. At least till I came along. 

There are some that would say I destroyed both of their lives, but the truth is they saved mine. That's got to count for something, right? 

All I can hope is that we find our happy ending. Fingers crossed, people. 


Fans of Janette Rallison, Becca Ann, Brittainy Cherry, and Tess Oliver should enjoy this unexpected love story. 

Standalone no love triangle. Second in series is Chasing Colt.

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Excerpt 3

We push the buggy through the store, Ford insisting on adding more fruits and vegetables to the cart. “You need to eat a variety of produce to get all the nutrients the baby needs.”  He explains to me.  He’d been reading pregnancy books and surfing the web finding information.  He was practically a pregnancy encyclopedia by now.
“I get that, Ford, but you’re going to have to help me eat them.  I can’t eat all of that before it goes bad!”  I exclaim, looking at the bunches of bananas, dozens of oranges and apples, bag of grapes, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, and something I didn’t know the name of he’d placed in the buggy.
“Yeah, I’ll help you eat it.  We both should be eating better.”  Ford declares, patting his stomach.  I roll my eyes at the ridiculousness of that statement.  He made it a point to swim laps every day and workout a few times a week, plus moving heavy furniture.  I’d had the privilege of seeing him shirtless and he was without a doubt the most well-built guy I knew.  I’d seen Colt and some of his friends shirtless but they couldn’t hold a candle to Ford.  I didn’t know if it was because he was older or what, but his muscle definition was incredible.  I could write sonnets about his six pack abs and the cut of his hips, but that might prove to Olivia that she was right.  I’m smiling to myself at the thought when Ford asked, “What are you smiling about?”
“Your abs.”  I replied without thinking.  I flush immediately as Ford smirks at me and stutter, “I mean that you obviously don’t need to eat better because you’re so built…I mean, fit.”  Shaking my head because I’m only making it worse.
“You think I’m hot.  You think I’m sexy.” Ford starts singing as we go down the aisle.  I can’t help but laugh.
“Are you done?” I say tartly, nudging him with my hip.  “I’m starving.  Grocery shopping is making me hungry.”
“Really? Is it the grocery shopping or my hot body that has you hungry?” He asked with the utmost seriousness.  I see the twinkle in his eyes so I decide to give it back to him.
“Well, eating an ice cream sundae off your washboard abs would satisfy me completely.”  I said, blinking at him innocently as his mouth drops open.

About the Author
I adore chocolate chip cookies, romance novels, and alone time. I live in south Louisiana with a collection of rescued dogs and cats. All of who are the loves of my life and well aware of the fact. Spoiled would be a good word to describe them. Writing is currently a hobby since it doesn’t pay the bills but my fond hope is one day I can consider it a full time job. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. Currently I spend my days wrangling tech guys in my job as an IT manager. I squeeze writing in between reading plus a million other things like cleaning. Guess what usually wins? Btw, I need to clean my house.

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