Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bluetooth Headphones TONESOUL Wireless Magnetic Headset

I originally got these for myself but my husband seeing that they were magnetic promptly stole them from me. He can wear these at work and not have to worry as much about them being lost. The magnetic earbuds do stick together very well. The sound quality is very good as well. He works in a very loud plant that a lot of headphones and ear pieces cannot stand up to. He also works in a very hot plant and sweats a lot. These are sweat proof. The are Bluetooth and paired almost instantly with his phone. They work great for listening to music and making calls. We are both very happy with these earphones.

I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a good review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.

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