Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rangers Clarity Series ND Filter kit

It doesn’t matter whether you have an intense passion for the art of photography or you simply want to be able to take a pretty picture, you have most definitely experienced firsthand the glare of death that comes from shooting in too harsh light or while next to a window. It can single handedly ruin a great shot or make the editing process a lengthy one at best. But don’t stress, I am thrilled to announce I found a solution! This is where these filters come into play. Now I have use filters before but they didn’t live up to the quality of these. These filters come in an array of shades and gradients so no matter what lighting you find yourself in you can bet there’s a filter for it. I have to say I was actually surprised at the quality the filters. They are a little thick but that eliminates the worry of them snapping in half when you’re putting it on. And while they have a decent thickness to them it doesn’t hinder that quality of photo and in fact, you would never even know there was anything in front of the lens. I love that they come with a high quality carrying case. They case features multiple slot to insert the filters so they aren’t rubbing up against each other leaving scratches. They also come with a micro fiber cloth so you can ensure your filters and even lens are clean before you use start taking you photos. I seriously couldn’t wait to put it on my lens and take some test shots. You know that old saying ”like a kid on Christmas” yeah that was me. I will say that these did not come with any instructions but it didn’t take long for me to figure out how to put it on my lens. Once I had everything snapped together it was time to shoot! Now anyone who’s been to Florida know the sun is harsh year round but especially during summer. So here I am standing in my back yard with one of the darker filters on with my fingers crossed that I see a difference in photo. But if I’m being honest here I wasn’t expecting a dramatic improvement. But boy was I glad when I took a few before and after shots. The filters did an amazing job at toning down the glare and brightness an instead of having an over blow photo with no chance of saving I had an image that would require very little work in Photoshop. I would even go so far as to say that whether you are an amateur or a professional these filters would make an incredible addition to your gear. I highly, and I can’t stress that enough, HIGHLY recommend them!

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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