Monday, June 27, 2016

Mosiso - Ultra-Thin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale (11 lbs Edition)

I love to cook and cook a lot. I cook from scratch not boxed mixes. This scale comes in  handy for measuring things like meats and pastas, as well as other things.

I love how modern this scale looks. It has a very sturdy black glass cover. It is very thin ans easy to store when not in use. It does not take up much room if you just want to leave it on a counter. The LCD screen is very easy to read. The numbers are large and bright white on a blue background. It is very easy to use with 1 button taring and 1 button to choose the unit. It also feature auto shut off to save batteries. It only takes seconds to give you accurate weights. It runs on 2 AAA batteries which are included.

I received this product during a promotion free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a good review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.

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