Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve, Water-resistant Neoprene Case Bag

Very nice laptop sleeve. I chose the red wine one and love the color. The color is awesome and uniform on both pieces. There was no color variation between the 2 pieces either, they match perfectly.  The pouches is lightly padded with a extremely soft blanket like material inside to hug your laptop, It also comes with a nice small pouch for your mouse or power cords.

Both pouches have a very nice zippered closure on them as well. The pouches are made out of a waterproof neoprene material. I was worried they would have that neoprene smell to them but when they arrived happily they did not. I do like knowing that when this gets dirty I can wash it. Being neoprene I can toss it in the washer with no problems.

The pouches do have some give to them so you could add file folders. pens, notepads or other small items into the laptop pouch. I do wish it had handles on it but it is a great pouch and the laptop fits perfectly inside.

I take my laptop with me a lot. My husband and I go on a lot of weekend getaways and vacation. I do have one of the large bulky briefcase styled laptop cases but it can be a pain to drag one more bulky item with me. With this small one I can pack it on the suitcase or have it on the back seat. Sometimes on long car rides I will pull out my laptop and play games or watch a movie while we are riding. This case beig small will make it easier to keep my laptop close at hand int he car.

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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