Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Magic-T 6.6ft Micro USB Charging Cord Sync Data

I am very happy with these cables by Magic-T. These are 3- 6 foot micro USB cables. The ends fit tightly into my device and my charger. I do not like wires that you barely breath on and they come loose, these do not do that. They hold tight even bouncing around in the car. I absolutely love the Elastic TPE sheathing of these cables. The wires are more flexible then most wires. The wire i a little thicker then most wires as well and so far seem to be holding up with no problems. These go with any bend and twist I put them through, So far they have not knotted up and I love that.

I have an older tablet that I love, but its battery is getting very weak. So I pretty much have to keep it on the charger all the time when I am using it. I could replace it, but it still works great and I have so much stuff saved on it I don't want to. I keep the tablet by my chair in the living room and a charger plugged in there. I had a 6 foot cloth covered wire attached to and it was always getting knotted up. I changed the wire out with one of these and so far I have had no problems at all with it knotting up. It also doesn't pull loose from the tablet or the charger.

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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