Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fogless Shower Mirror with Suction Locking by Klassy Home

This is a very nice mirror and does not fog up. I was quite impressed with its fogless properties. My husband says I have the shower hot enough to boil lobsters, he reaches in the shower and starts turning the heat down before he is fully in the shower. He usually shaves at the sink while I am washing my hair, and has to keep a washcloth handy to wipe the fog off the mirror. So I put this fogless mirror on our large mirror in the bathroom so he can see to shave without having to keep wiping it off.

There is a trick to getting this mirror to say. Yes it has a suction cup that holds it on but you have to lock it in place. There is a small knob you have to turn to lock it on. The mirror is very light weight. It and the base are plastic. It can take a few knocks without breaking. You can clean the mirror with regular glass cleaner.

It comes with a nice pair of tweezers that I am in love with. They have a large area on the handles with rubber grippers to really help you hang on to them. It also comes with a suction cup razor holder. That I put in the shower to hold my razor.

I am very happy with this mirror and the bonus items.

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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