Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pink Hair Straightener Ceramic Detangling Brush from DROK

I love my new hair brush. I have really frizzy, curly, thick hair and it does what it wants to do not what I want it to do. This brush has changed that for me. Now My hair is a whole lot calmer and only takes a couple minutes longer then to just my hair with a plain brush. I no longer have to spend forever blow drying my hair then using a flat iron then a curling iron to put some curl back in my hair. This brush heats up in about 90 seconds. Then just brush your hair as normal just a little slower. I do use a conditioning spray for heat while using the brush. I can leave as much curl to my hair as I want by actually curling around the brush as I go through my hair. The brush has an LED screen to see when the brush is on and to set the heat needed. I go all the way to the hottest personally but someone who has either not as thick, frizzy or curly hair can use the lower heat.  The buttons are on the side of the brush handle and I do hit them a lot but they don't seem to change with bumping. This has an auto off which I love sometimes I go in and turn the brush on then find myself tied up in something else and forget the brush, lucky for me it turns itself off.

I am in love with my hair more then I have been ever. Its thanks to this brush and DROK

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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