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Book Blitz for: Legends by Destiny Blake

by Destiny Blake
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: April 26th 2016


Vampire Legend Sinclair
has a premonition. He dreams of a grand battle between humans and an elite
class, demigods in a contemporary world. Privileged and arrogant, these
“Entitled Ones” plan to hoard natural resources to ensure global longevity for
their families and friends. Everyone else is disposable. 

As the war of wars is set to unfold, Legend
anticipates an uncertain future. He plots against rulers and nations, but soon
devises a way to protect average citizens from the forthcoming agenda of

Siring numerous children, Legend leaves his
North Carolina home only to return for his daughter and sons in the predawn
hours of their eighteenth birthdays. They attend Summer Assembly, a training
ritual that will prepare them for the whispering promise of a coming age
destined to change the course of history. 

Meanwhile, a select few hold fast to yesterday’s
corrupt propaganda, an outline for disaster. With an evil plan for global
evacuation and the extinction of all common men, the Entitled Ones organize
their enforcement of a wicked initiative. But in their defeat, the Legend
family will triumphantly rise as true wonders of the reformed world.

A legacy from the grave, legends since birth

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that time, a hissing noise filled the room. Everyone looked up and their gasps
resounded. They were on their feet in record time as spiraling smoke twisted
out of the vents and the room temperature hit hell-hot in a matter of seconds.
this door!” Captive jiggled the knob. “Legend! Are you out there?”
slammed his body against their only means of escape. “Let us out of here!”
They all
joined him. Fists pounded in repetition. Everyone pleaded for help.
rushed to the eye-level window on the far wall. Jamming his fists against the
panels, he cried out in agony as he glanced up at the billowing smoke above
them. “Fire.”
you the smart one?” Umbrage ran his palms across the walls. “Hurry. See if we
can find something to trigger a secret passageway.”
watched too many movies,” Captive said.
Gideon and Umbrage tried to find a way out, the air thickened with
chemical-like vapors. They coughed, gagged, and suffered as they choked on fumes.
Orange and red flames surrounded them. The blaze burned hotter.
 “Keep your heads down! It’s another test!”
Captive yelled.
In the
middle of a coughing fit, Sin screamed, “Then we’re seconds away from failing!”
up, sister. Even Legend’s games eventually find an end.” Captive stared into
the fire and caught Gideon’s gaze. Perhaps it was then when Captive realized
what Gideon had long since accepted.
The past
few days had been necessary. They were vampires, damned to an eternal existence
on earth but without a soul, their fate was sealed by fire. What they’d seen
and heard, that was what awaited them
if they didn’t follow Legend and save mankind. By saving the world, they spared
themselves as well.
their dad—Legend Sinclair—had shown them was foretelling in a sense, a grand
exhibit of what they would endure if they didn’t survive. It served as
inspiration, motivation to stay alive.           
“Help!”  Tole hammered his fists against the door
again. Like the others, he had revealed his greatest fear during Summer
Assembly. Legend understood what specific triggers pushed each of them into
panic mode.
Tole faced his greatest demon—fire.
do this!” He gasped, his voice wracked with fear. “I’ll do anything! Just let
me out!” He collided with the door once more, but that door didn’t budge.
hurried to Sin, offering her limited protection, but comfort nonetheless. Diven
and Umbrage reassured Tole while Griffin, Captive, and Saber promised to kill
Legend given the opportunity. The more they threatened harm to the one who had
turned them, the more swirling smoke filled the confined area.
“We were
supposed to be stronger as a group,” Griffin said, coughing between syllables.
much had been drilled in their heads and yet their current circumstances almost
suggested the opposite. No one would gain the upper hand here.
hellish experience lasted several minutes, but it seemed like hours, maybe even
days. There was no escape. They had one choice, an alternative that should’ve
resounded as a simple unanimous decision. Instead, only five Legends emerged
from the fire ready to dance with the fates and embrace their legacy with
complete surrender.
others were left behind.

Copyright ©
2016 Destiny Blake

Excerpt provided for promotional purposes &
pending final approval for publication 

About the Author
An avid reader and full-time writer, Destiny Blake enjoys YA paranormal, commercial and literary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and unique fantasy novels. After 15 years of writing for the market, Destiny decided it was time to write what she liked to read. The end goal was to pen stories that readers would love and her grandchildren would later cherish as well.

The author invites all readers to follow her on Twitter @AuthorDestiny and to stay in touch by writing: To help Destiny celebrate the debuts of Legends and Gatekeepers, readers can send their copy and pasted proof of purchase to the email above. Include a snail mail address to receive a promotional product. Please include “Legends & Gatekeepers Proof of Purchase” in the subject line. Offer ends on April 15, 2016. Void where prohibited by law.


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