Thursday, March 24, 2016

Super Absorbent, Quick-Drying Kitchen Dish Cloths (Set of 5) by Fabresh

I like to hand wash my dishes. I guess I am old school . I just feel like they get cleaner and nothing gets cooked on like with a dishwashers drying cycle. These dish cloths are great for hand washing dishes as well as wiping counters and other kitchen cleaning tasks.

I love the size of them, they are 12 by 12 inches. They aren't real thick, but yet they are not paper thin either. Their thickness is just fright for me I don't end up with a hand full of cloth that makes it hard to wash the dishes. Even wet they are super absorbent and can clean a spill off of the counter or table. I hand my washcloth over the sink separator when not in use, and more often then not the cloth is dry the next time I go to grab it. Even some of the thin cloths I have used are not that quick to dry. These go through the washer and dryer very well too, with very minimal shrinkage. They do seem to go back to original size as soon as they get wet again though.

 I love that there are 5 in the pack. That is a weeks worth of cloths for me. I may not get a new cloth every time I do dishes, but I also use them for wiping down the kitchen as well.

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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