Monday, March 21, 2016

Portable DIY Stick-on, Sensitive LED Light with Motion Sensors by FREETOO

My house is shaped a little funny due to the addition of my bedroom. To get to my bedroom and back door, you go down the main hallway then down some steps and left to my room, right to the back door. It is a small area but if I don't turn the main hallway light on when in the hallway it is very dark in that little spot. If I do turn the hall light on I have to go back and turn it out again too, So I placed this light in that little dark area. It works pretty well there. As you come around the corner and get on the first step the light comes on, then I can either move to my room or go out the back door, either way there is a light switch for me to turn on for regular lighting. I have lived in my house several years and can go by feel, but if someone else is here coming or going in or out the back door it helps them, especially with the steps.

I used a screw to secure the holder to a a wood shelving unit that sits in that area and it is great. The motion sensor is very sensitive, it even detects the movement of the smaller kids that are in and out of my house. The light is pretty bright and definitely helps to see what you are doing. The light stays on abotu 10 seconds which is plenty of time to move down the steps and out the back door or into the bedroom. With movement the light will stay on, so if I am looking for something on the shelf it will stay on until I am done.

This light also features a steady on setting. So I can leave the light on as long as I want it on, with a slide of the switch. The light runs on 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. Being as th light is not in a heavily traveled area the batteries should last quite a while.

I really like that the light itself slides into the holder so if I want to grab something out of my room or off the porch I can take the light with me and not have to turn on the overhead lights. It easily slides in and out of the holder.

  I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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