Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NBTM: Getting It Right the Second Time Around by Jennifer Frank

Getting It Right the Second Time Around
by Jennifer Frank


GENRE: New Adult



Alison is a 28 year old living in Boston who is more-or-less happy in her somewhat boring life.  She is challenged by the terms of her eccentric aunt’s will to fix a big mistake she made as a college senior - turning down law school for love.  While having everything from her job to her apartment disrupted, she has to decide if she’s willing to re-do things the right way around this time, or if she’s courageous enough to find her own path.  Having been burned by love before, she is hesitant in allowing another guy - even one as hot as Ryan - shape her future.


Excerpt One:

My daydream was the happily ever after to my once upon a time. As a twenty-two-year-old college senior, I’d seen my future clear and bright ahead of me. Dating a smart, gorgeous guy I thought was meant just for me, I was rejoicing that I’d been accepted to law school. I could clearly visualize our happy home filled with beautiful children wearing perfectly coordinated clothes while I saved women and children victimized by poverty, circumstances, and, all too often, those they loved and counted on.

At age twenty-eight, I was single, working at a fulfilling (read: low-paying) job, without a hope of the future I once planned. In the previous six years, I had made peace with what was. It wasn’t what I planned and hoped for, but my life was pretty good. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have expended a lot of effort to change much about my life. Unfortunately, life was changing for me one way or the other, thanks to Aunt Elinor.

Aunt Elinor could be described in a number of ways, depending on your
perspective. I’d heard everything from persnickety to opinionated to obstreperous. The last one sent me running to my dictionary. Obstreperous /əbˈstrepərəs/ noisy and stubbornly defiant. That was as reasonable a portrayal as any other.

While my grandmother, Margaret, did the dutiful thing for a young woman of her generation—got married, had five kids, stayed home to raise them, and then stayed home to care for her husband in retirement—Elinor shunned her parents’ expectations and vowed “to live my own life without some know-it-all man telling me what to serve for dinner and how he wants his underwear ironed.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Physician by day, writer by night.  Jennifer’s love of writing grew out of the many meaningful moments shared with patients – some joyful, often emotional, always special.  Her initial essays, appearing in medical journals and literary magazines, explore the ups and downs of a medical life.  As an avid reader, Jennifer adores a great story, eventually deciding to create her own.  The characters are her favorite part of any story she writes.  When not stamping out disease, coaxing patients to eat their veggies, or composing the next scene, she enjoys spending time with her four children and stay-at-home husband.




Interview with Jennifer Frank

As a kid did you write or make up stories?
            I only made up stories to keep from getting in trouble. I don’t remember being much of a storyteller when I was a kid, but the writing bug hit hard when I got older.

Where does most of your Character inspiration come from?
            People I’ve met or people I’d like to meet. I do incorporate a lot of my own life experiences into the plot and into the characters.

Do some qualities of your characters come from real people?
            Absolutely. Aunt Elinor in Getting It Right the Second Time Around is loosely based on my own grandmother. She was a straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is woman who was ahead of her time. While she was a wife and mother for most of her life, she was trained as an English teacher and had exceptional penmanship for her entire life.

What was the inspiration for your book?
            I enjoy chick lit so developed a plot around a young woman who is struggling at a fork in the road of her life’s path. Many of the details in the book and emotions come from my own time as a young woman in Boston trying to navigate my future.

What is your favorite spot to write?
            At our local library. The second floor windows look out over the river and waterfront which I find very soothing. When there is nothing around to distract me, I am able to get more absorbed in the story I am composing.

What advice would you give budding writers?
            The greatest joy you will have is when someone reads your writing and loves it. So, don’t be afraid to share yourself by sharing your writing. 



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