Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mens Wood Watch Made with 100% Rosewood by Woodie Specs

Absolutely beautiful watch. Easter is coming and I needed something for my husband. The man who has everything and more then he needs, but I couldn't let a holiday go by without finding something for him. I love giving unique gifts to him and he loves unique things. His dress up watch is a few years old now and has already had the battery replaced once so when I saw this watch I knew he had to have it.

This watch casing is made out of 100% rosewood with a genuine leather band, and is handmade. The band is black and offset the reddish tint to the wood really nicely. The watch face is kind of large so it is easy to see. The hands have Miyota Quartz Movement, it is a very smooth movement. It is very easy to set the time just by gently pulling on the knob on the side of the watch. The band is adjustable and should fit most sized wrists. I put it on my wrist and it fit nicely with lots of room left over. From band tip to buckle the watch is 10 inches long. The watch itself is 2 by 2 inches. To get into the back of the watch you need a tiny philips head screw driver. The battery is already installed you just need to push the knob on the side in to start the watch.

I really like that the Woodie Specs company donates part of each purchase to Children in Need Through World Vision.

  I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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