Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hair Styling Straightener Brush by Straight N' Shine



I have pretty much retired my plain old hair brush since receiving this straightener brush. My hair is an absolute mess. It is very thick, very coarse, very curly, and very frizzy. This has really helped my hair look great, very quickly, and it is totally simple to use.

I plug the brush in, turn it on, set the temp I want, walk away for a couple minutes, or do my makeup. In just a couple of minutes it is hot and ready to go. After it is heated it takes about 5 minutes to make my hair look great. It only takes a couple of slow strokes to each section of my hair and I am done.

 I do not personally like using flat irons because I don't want to make my hair straight as a board, with this brush I can leave as much as I want. I can also use this for the top and side to give it a curled flip, like with  curling iron.

The bristle area gets very hot, but the handle stays cool. Even though the bristle area is very hot, the bristles hold the iron far away from my head that it does not burn my scalp or my ear. The buttons are on the handle, even though I hit them with my fingers some, the brush has a auto lock feature so it does not change the heat setting nor does it shut off while in use. I do use a heat protectant spray while using the brush.

This brush comes in a very nice. You also get a pull string velvet storage bag and a holding comb. The cord on the brush also in one that spins around  in a 360 degree angle, so I can move what ever way I want and do not have to worry about getting all wrapped up in it.  I love this straightener brush.

  I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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