Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All Weather Multi Purpose Tray by Perfect Life Ideas

At the moment I am using this as a tray for my dogs food and water. I feed my Dogs a kibble and bit mix dog food and all though my bigger dog will woof down anything the little one likes to dig through the bowl and get his favorite out first, then he will eat the rest. He makes a mess pushing bits out of the way. Their water is one of those auto feeders, and it doesn't over flow but it is always wet around the bowl, the dogs ten to lap at it and send it spraying. I did have a rug under neath it and have also tried one of the silicone mats under it but it is still very messy around their bowls. With this tray in just a the few days I have had it under their bowls my floor is so much cleaner and dryer. I love the lip around the edge it really does seem to catch the water, and also the food they scatter. I have another mat kind of like this that sets by my front door for shoes, it works amazingly well for that as well. I could think of tons of uses besides just the dog food but at the minute that is where it will stay.

This is made out of a hard plastic but is kind of flexible. It is so easy to clean. I stand it up in my kitchen sink and user the sprayer to get all the loose stuff of then run a cleaning solution and water over it to really wash it. I am very happy with this mat and the love the scalloped edges on it. It just gives it something. Wish it would come in different colors so it would go with the theme in my kitchen, where it sets. But then again a lighter color would probably show dirt more.

  I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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