Friday, February 26, 2016

Steak and Shake ruined my evening with my husband

   My husband and I decided to stop at Steak and Shake for dinner. BAD IDEA!!!!

 This was honestly the worst service I have ever had. We waited almost a 1/2 hour for someone to take our order to begin with.  Once we ordered our food we waiting another almost 1/2 hour to get our food. CG was our waiter he did bring us our soda's rather quickly, when he finally showed up to take our order.
  I ordered the bacon n cheese burger minus the cheese, because there is no burger that offers bacon along with lettuce and tomato, I got the burger, it had cheese. The girl who brought it offered to take it back, I did not want to wait another 1/2 hour so ate it. I asked for a fork or knife to be able to scrape the cheese off with, I never got one.
   My husband and I also ordered milk shakes. Ours were delivered to the table behind us, I know this because the man complained he was supposed to have a larger one then the junior we ordered, and they sent mine back, I know it was mine because I ordered the black raspberry my husband ordered the chocolate, the other table kept the chocolate.
   About 20 minutes late the waiter CG brought me my milkshake, totally melted and the whip cream was melted and running all down the side of the cup. My husband had to ask for his milkshake. When he finally delivered the milkshake,  the guy set the milkshake on the table and left, no straw or spoon for my husband to eat it with.
   When CG originally brought my melted milkshake he asked would I like a refill on my soda, I said yes, since it had been empty for a while at that point, When he brought my husbands milkshake about 10 minutes later he asked me again if I wanted a refill I said yes. He brought me a small to go glass of water after that, why I have no idea, When he finally  brought my milkshake the 2nd time, which had no chocolate chips on it or in it,  he asked again if I wanted a refill on my soda, again I said yes. I finally got one about 10 minutes later, the soda was already watered down and most of the ice was melted.
  This was horrible and no one even offered an I'm sorry.

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