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Virtual Name Before the Masses Tour for Divine Touch by Kristy Denice Bock

Divine Touch
by Kristy Denice Bock


GENRE: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance



Finding a naked man where Werewolf bones once were should have let Kate know she was in for an unusual day! Nothing could have prepared her for the discovery that her mother is a Goddess, and that nothing in her life would ever be the same. Zane DeSeville spent five centuries trapped in a prison of his own body only to be awakened by the image of the woman who caused his entrapment. After Kate discovers that she’s the daughter of a Goddess, another bombshell is dropped in her lap. She has to pass three Trials of Humanity, or she’ll be imprisoned as Zane had been, and Zane would be her judge and jury!



Zane found himself liking the strange young man. His appearance was something Zane had never come across before, but that didn't seem to detract from his character, rather it enhanced it.

“Okay look, I'm just going to get this over with,” Cole said. Without a further word on the subject, Cole's head leaned back as his body changed to a form Zane was all too familiar with.

Zane tried to maintain rigid control on the beast within him. The desire to prove alpha status could not be contained. His fingers shook, the need to dominate drove him. The idea of harming the young wolf made him fight hard to control himself.

It was a heedless battle, but the beast would not be contained. The harder he fought, the more the beast raged. He felt the change come upon him before he could control it. His senses heightened, he could smell the other wolf’s presence. With his last coherent ability, he projected his thoughts out, telling the young wolf to run. The beast was free.

The young wolf cocked its head to the side, looking at the larger version. It dropped down on its hindquarters, extending its front paws forward with its head lowered. The beast recognized a sign of submission. The beast stood over the young wolf and growled. It remained unsatisfied with an unearned submission. Its jaws snapped at the young wolf’s ear, causing the smaller creature to jump back in surprise.

The beast goaded the wolf until it openly attacked. Their sounds of aggression filled the room as they wrestled each other to the ground. Though the younger wolf was smaller, it made up for its lack of size by speed and agility. When its teeth sank into the foreleg of the older wolf the battle turned. It went from a token fight to a fierce battle of wills. The younger wolf continued to use its smaller statute to its advantage.

Each time the beast would force the wolf down, it would find a way to escape the hold. With each passing moment a respect was gained. Respect, however, was not something that was worth losing over. The beast howled in delight as his teeth bit into the neck of the wolf, pinning it to the ground.

“When your pissing contest is over, I was promised ice cream, a movie, and Holland.” The beast recognized the scent of its mate. It let go of the wolf and backed away.

A scream caused all heads to turn in the direction of the door Kate had just entered. The beast watched in disgust as the pale creature crumpled to the ground.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kristy Denice Bock is an avid reader who fell in love with creating characters at a young age. She lives in Coastal Carolina and is quite the fan of the Crystal Coast. She is the mother of four unique humans who constantly keep her on her toes. She’s the proud grandmother of two, and the world’s greatest Aunt to ten pretty spectacular humans. Her parents bought her a typewriter at 14, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Read Kristy Denice Bock’s Smashwords Interview at

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Interview with Kristy Denice Bock
What Is the Inspiration for your books?
This question always derails me when I get asked it. I think there are some writers that will read something that will inspire them, or see something that inspires a tale to spring forth from their fingertips. Me? I sometimes wonder if I'm not a little certifiable as everything inspires me. I can be driving down the road, and see a single green leaf left during the onset of fall colors. That singular difference will spawn a story of an Elven princess ready to defend a dying kingdom.
Divine Touch came from a video game that I used to work for. I loved creating an environment where players could interact with the Gods and be defined as good or evil based on the choices they made. I loved Greek mythology throughout the years of my life, but always felt the deck was stacked against women. So, I guess you could say the inspiration for Divine Touch came from Zeus sleeping with every female that his gaze fell upon, and the females being punished for his transgressions. 
In Divine Touch, the world, as it's known to humans, is a matrilineal society. There are six Goddesses. Two of Light, Two that are neutral, and two of dark. They are omnipotent beings that protect the earth and all its natural inhabitants. They are creator Goddesses who can create life, but didn't create humans. 
Because of the awesome power they have, a council was designed to work as a checks and balance system. The Goddesses cannot interfere with human life. Their children must go through trials to be allowed to live among the humans. This is the premise for the story Divine Touch. The lead daughter has to prove her ability to put human life first or she will be put to death. 

I hope you enjoy reading Divine Touch as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I look forward to getting to know you. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!



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  1. What an exciting excerpt. I loved it.

  2. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

    1. I don't think there was ever a time in my life I wasn't writing. I just geared it toward specific things as I got older.

  3. if you could forget one book to experience it all over again, which one would it be?

    1. Hi Mia, great question. And it would be Fahrenheit 451 which is my favorite book

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