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BOOK TOUR: Kings or Pawns: Kings (Book 1) by J.J. Sherwood

Book Details:

Book Title:  Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood
Category:  Adult fiction, 373 pages
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Silver Helm Publishing
Release date:  October 2015
Available for review in:  Print, ebook (mobi for Kindle), ePub, PDF
Will send print books:  USA & Canada
Tour dates:  Jan 4 to 29, 2016
Content Rating:  R - Language & violence.  No explicit sex scenes (i.e., pornographic)

Book Description:  

J.J. Sherwood’s debut novel KINGS OR PAWNS: THE KINGS, BOOK 1 is the first in a high fantasy epic series sure to please fans of both the science fiction and fantasy genres.

The year is 8994 P.E., and the city of Elvorium is corrupted—rotted to the core by the machinations of depraved politicians. With his father dead and the country facing a rebellion, Price Hairem becomes the king of the elven world of Sevrigel in one of its most turbulent points in history.

Young and daring, Hairem is determined to eradicate the corruption festering in Elvorium’s self-serving and all-powerful council, which thwarts his best intentions at every turn. But Hairem’s problems are far more sinister¬—and deadly—than merely political. The loyal members of the council are being savagely murdered by an assassin loosed within the city—an assassin whose brutality knows no bounds. Outside of the city, the Lord Saebellus wages a vicious rebellion against the capital. He has been thwarted thus far by the brilliant General Jikun, and Hairem is certain that the general can crush Saebellus.

But instead of continuing the campaign against the warlord, the council orders Jikun’s army to be split, sending him on a mission that furthers only their own wealth and power. Jikun knows that the council’s demands will leave Elvorium vulnerable to an attack from the formidable warlord. Although Saebellus has been recently defeated, he is far from vanquished. As corruption and death threaten to tear the city apart from within, the rebel Saebellus seizes the opportunity to lay siege to Sevrigel’s eastern capital and unleash his most powerful weapon yet: a demonic beast that neither weapon nor magic can kill. With the elven world crumbling around him, Hairem is grasping for his own power to fight against the forces that threaten Sevrigel.

Will Hairem overcome the council’s scheming and duplicity? Can General Jikun defeat the warlord Saebellus? Will this be the war that finally brings Sevrigel to its knees? KINGS OR PAWNS offers action, intrigue, mystery, and suspense—a thrilling story that will leave readers hungry for the sequel, Heroes or Thieves, to be published in February 2016.

Meet the author:   

J.J. Sherwood lives in Ohio with her husband and four near-identical cats. KINGS OR PAWNS is J.J.’s widely anticipated debut novel, and is the first book of The Kings quartet. The series is set in the high fantasy world of Aersadore, home to hundreds of characters who all clamor for J.J.’s attention. To learn more about the trials and tribulations of General Jikun and King Hairem, visit J.J. Sherwood will be at the tenth Fandom Fest Comic Con in Louisville, Kentucky this coming August 7th-9th

​Connect with the author:  Website   Twitter   Facebook

Author Interview for T's Stuff:

  1. Where did you get the inspiration for Kings or Pawns?
I’ve been world-building for this series for close to twenty-years and there are so many factors in my life that have led to the creation of this series—moving, college classes, roleplaying, linguistics, etc…! It would be impossible for me to select any one thing.
  1. Who was the hardest character to write about? Who was the easiest?
The hardest character to write was actually one of the primary point-of-view characters and, as it turns out with readers, the most popular: General Jikun Taemrin. He refused to co-operate through the first several drafts of the novel and it was only in the final editing stages that he finally opened up.
The easiest character was the mute servant girl, Alvena. She wasn’t even supposed to have a point-of-view, and yet she was so delightful, I let her have her way.
  1. How long have your been writing?
I have been writing since kindergarten. And working on this particular series since I was 7.

  1. Is there a specific ritualistic thing you do before or while you write?
Nope! I just like to sit on the couch where it is quiet, usually in a bathrobe, and write! With my four cats.
  1. Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it?
Yes, but it is rarely because I don’t know where to go with the story, but rather because the words refuse to form themselves into coherent sentences. Hahaha. I usually just force myself to write horrible sentences until my rebelling mind breaks.
  1. Will there be a sequel to Kings or Pawns?
Yes, Heroes or Thieves. I’m looking at publishing sometime between February and May of next year.
  1. If there is one thing you want your readers to remember about you, what would it be?
I am fearless in the fantasy genre—I like to work outside the box and yet keep a healthy dose of realism involved to make the fantastical believable!


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