Wednesday, January 6, 2016

31 in 1 Sports Kit Accessories Bundle Kit for GoPro - 8GB Memory Card by Action Camera Kit

Great set of accessories. I can now take my Go Pro into pretty much any situation or on any adventure and know that I can get great pictures as well as keeping my Go Pro safe. There are 31 pieces to  this set, and it comes in a great zippered case. These folks even thought about tossing in a 8 gig memory card. That alone makes this set valuable to me.
  I love taking pictures, I also love taking videos as we ride. We ride the motorcycle as much as possible. Riding the motorcycle is so different from going in a car, there are no walls s to speak or windows to stop you from seeing the full view of everything around you. The GO Pro and these accessories make it so much easier to be able to share that view with others also. With this set since it does come with a car mount, which I did not have I can now take better video's when we do take the car. Before I had t either hold the camera or try to finagle a phone mount to get video from the car. I also love the tripod. The tripod is a flexible one, so can be set pretty much anywhere, just bend the legs to make it more stable and also it can be set on uneven ground with a couple bends and twists.
  I do have another accessories set it boasts about how many pieces are in it but they counted each and every screw, glue pad and things like that so I didn't have more then a couple of pieces that actually were useful. This set is the real deal with real mounts, not just pieces and parts.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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