Monday, December 21, 2015

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Under Eye Pads for Dark Circles

Finally something that actually does work. I have horrible bags and dark circles under my eyes. Since using these they are lightening up and the puffiness is going away. The first night I tried them my husband went into a laughing fit thought I looked hilarious but come morning he even noticed that they had worked.  The dark circles and bags were not totally gone with 1 use but you could tell I had done something. I will be ordering more of these. They go on almost cold feeling without putting them in the fridge. They do take a little getting used to, but if you can ignore them you will be happy with the results. If you get them to close to your eye, I had a slight burning feel, but I took it off and readjusted it and no more burning feel. There is no smell at all to these which I really like. Most eye products smell like cucumbers and I am not crazy about that smell at all. These are very soft on my face also. They do not leave any redness behind when I peel them off either.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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