Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NutriChef PKIS11 Electric Ice Shaver/Snow Cone Machine/Shaved Ice Maker Offered by DEAL CHASER

It's December and I have a brand new Ice Shaver. That's ok because I live in Florida and it is still in the mid 80's outside. I also have little ones running around who do not care if it is cold or not, they are getting snow cones. I also have an adult Daughter that was thrilled to see this come out of the shipping box.
This ice shaver is very good at getting the job done. It comes with instructions for putting it together, but it is self explanatory. You just look at it and can see where the pieces and parts go.. Really there are only 6 pieces to it. It is also very easy to run. Plug it in, put the ice in, lock the lid and let it go. The lid lock is your off and on switch, Little fingers cannot get caught since it will not run until the lid is locked. It is loud, but you are shaving ice what do you expect.
It even comes with a small bowl for catching the shaved ice. My bowl was broken, which is why I gave 4 stars, but it wasn't worth sending it back over since I probably wouldn't use that bowl anyway. other then the bowl this thing is amazing.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.