Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gnome Workshop Bluetooth Foldable Selfie Stick

I am not a huge selfie taker. I prefer to take pictures of other people but I also love having pictures of my husband and I together. We go on lot of day trips, weekend escapes, and our vacations. Not to mention just time at home. With this selfie stick I don't have to find someone to take  picture for me. I can do it myself. This selfie stick is compact and very lightweight. Fits well in my back pocket, my purse, or a tote bag. I can also leave it in the glove box of my car, so I have it with me for those spur of the moment trips.
  My arm isn't 3 feet long we so were kind of cramped together to get us both in selfie's without this, but this has a telescopic handle that stretches to almost 3 feet. This is bluetooth enabled and has a small button on the handle just pair the phone with the the stick via bluetooth, then put your phone on the stick, bring the camera up and click the button. It is very lightweight so not hard to hold out long enough to get that perfect picture. It comes with a micro USB cord to charge it with. Just slide your phone into the spring loaded camera holder and you're ready, this will hold really tight to your phone. This is very sturdy so I am not afraid to use it and do not fear breaking my phone if it popped out. I really love this, on our next outing this will be one of the first things packed.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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