Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Audiobook Review of They Never Die Quietly by D. M. Annechino

This is a great book. Once I started it I couldn't stop. The book is about a Religious fanatic Simon, who kills women in front of their small children. He feels that killing these women purifies him. His mother who has been dead for years keeps telling him he is doing God's work.
Sami Rizzo is assigned to head the task force on the case of the murders. She wants to end the terror so much so that a handsome face clouds her judgment at first, before she becomes suspicious of the man who she is attracted to.
She ends up in the middle of the insanity herself. 

This book is very fast paced. From page one this book drug me in and didn't turn me loose until the last period in the book. There is just enough description of surroundings to keep you in the know but not so much as to bore you. At least not for me. D.M. Annechino has done a great job with this book. I can't wait to get started on the next book. 

I listened to the Audio Book which is read by Christina Traister. She does a wonderful job. you can feel the characters emotions in her voice. She as well as the book has a way of keeping you involved. I really like when listening to a audio book and the narrator makes it sound more like a conversation then just a fat book. You know when the character is smiling because you can hear it, I will be looking for more books read by her.

I was given an audiobook by the Author in exchange for my honest review.

Author's Bio:

Daniel M. Annechino, a former book editor specializing in full-length fiction, wrote his first book, How to Buy the Most Car for the Least Money, in 1992 while working as a General Manager in the automobile business. But his passion had always been fiction, particularly thrillers. He spent two years researching serial killers before finally penning his gripping and memorable debut novel They Never Die Quietly.

​His second book, Resuscitation (Thomas & Mercer 2011), a follow-up to his first novel, hit #1 in Kindle sales in the UK and reached #26 in the USA. He is also the author of I Do Solemnly Swear (Thomas & Mercer 2012) and Hypocrisy. A Piece of You is his fifth novel, the third in the Detective Sami Rizzo series. A native of New York, Annechino now lives in San Diego with his wife, Jennifer. He loves to cook, enjoys a glass of vintage wine, and spends lots of leisure time on the warm beaches of Southern California.

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  1. Thank you for the great review. I am stoked that you enjoyed They Never Die Quietly.
    D.M. Annechino