Sunday, November 1, 2015

ECO-BEST Stainless Steel Double Spoon Rest 7"

I just love my new spoon rest. I love the design of this one. It just has a super cool look to it. I guess you could say it is very modern looking. I love that it is a double spoon rest. I am a southern girl and was taught to cook full meals. So must of my burners and the oven are all in use when I cook. So having a double spoon holder is a large help to line up all my spoons. It is also great for tongs. I use tongs a lot and it never seems to fail that one side is hanging off my spoon rest. This is just the perfect size to keep both sides of my tongs on it and not make such a mess on my stove.
  This is made of stainless steel, so it should never rust. It is dishwasher safe. It would also make a great gift  for anyone who cooks.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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