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Click N' Play Cutting Fruit Set with Cutting Board and Knife Playset (12 Piece)

This set of toys is just great!! There is a cutting board, a knife, and 12 fruits.  It even comes in a  great clear plastic case that zips shut. There is a plastic tray in the case that the fruits can be placed back in or that part can be tossed out and just pile them in the case. The case even has a carrying handle, so kids can take it on the go.The amazing thing about the fruits are they are actually cut in half with velcro in the middle. When the kids are playing they actually love doing it like the grown ups. Cutting the fruits in half on a cutting board with a knife WOOHOO!! Fun times.
  The kids played with this for hours. We both love this.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Click N' Play Pretend Play Cosmetic & Makeup Set

Really adorable play cosmetics. They look and feel real. My Grand daughters love to put make up on, I don't love trying to get it back off of them and everything in close proximity to where they put it on. They think they are putting this on and I am gonna let them. My only problem with this set is, it does not come boxed, it comes in a bubble envelope. The cosmetics have a piece or saran wrap wrapped around them. That is the packaging.
 The set comes with a 4 piece brush set, a gossamer pull string bag, a lip gloss, a pressed powder compact, a blush compact, a eye shadow set of 3.  Please know that these are fake, there will be no color, no powder, no nothing coming off the compacts. The lip gloss bottle is empty also. Thsi is great for kids to pretend play with..

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones | TALON

I have had a handful of sets of bluetooth earphones. Some have been next to useless. Some have been good. Some I even thought were great, I have now decided, well they aint all that. This set I can put my phone down and walk up to 30 feet away and have no problems hearing, or them disconnecting. I am he type of person who likes to clean to wither Audio books or music. I am not a TV watcher that much and if I did watch while cleaning I probably wouldn't get much cleaning done. So headphones are a must. While cleaning you do not stand still, I am always running here or there to get something or put something away. Using wired headphone is a pain in the ear. The wires are always hanging up on something and being ripped out of my ears.
  These fit nicely. They come with 3 sets of earbuds so they can be fitted to your ears. I use the smallest ones. These are sweat proof. They have amazing noise isolation. The sound is crisp and clear and can be very loud if need be. They paired within seconds on my phone, laptop, tablet, and MP3 player. These will pair with 2 devices at once. I can even talk on my phone. All the controls are on one earphone. You also get the USB charging cable. IT takes about 1 1/2 hours to fully charge these. And you gt 4 to 6 hours use out of a full charge. These would make a great gift also.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Dot&Dot Foldable Duffle Bag

I am a huge fan of this tote bag. I am also a huge fan of Dot & Dot, they go on every trip I take. Their line of travel products is outstanding. This travel bag is no different in that aspect. This bag is huge. I can pack a weeks worth of clothing, shoes, and toiletries in here and still have room for more. And get this when you are not using it it has a zipper on the end that you can collapse the bag and zip the end and it folds up less then an inch thick and 11 wide x 12 inches tall. Stores great in a drawer, closet or bottom of other luggage. When opened up the bag is 27.5 x 12 x 11 and duffle style.
 This would also be great to add to current luggage for bringing home dirty clothes or your souvenir treasures. The reason I would say pack the dirty clothes in it is because I cannot toss my suitcase in the washer but I can this bag.
  The bag has outer pockets on the end and side.. It has a handle in the middle and inside the bag is a removable shoulder strap. This would also be great for kids going to Grandma's, the gym, and so much more.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

US Art Supply® Jewelescent® 60 Color Gel Pen Set

Great set of pen. Huge variety of colors and inks. You get 60 pens that include Classic, Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pastel and Swirl Colors inks. They come in a nice box with 5 trays of 12 different pens. These would make a great gift for teens and crafters. The pens all wrote very smoothly.. The lids fit tightly so they do not come off and the pens dry out. The pens are non-toxic and acid-free, so great for kids and scrap booking. The inks are very vibrant with rich colors. There should be at least one color for any project you can come up with. I am a freak for adult coloring books and these work great. I don't have to dig into the paper to get full coverage like with some pens, and I have had no bled through.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Estilo Round Brushed Stainless Steel Step Trash Can 12L / 3.17 GAL - Fingerprint Resistant

Great trash can. It is made of brushed stainless steel. It has a step to open the lid, which opens very easily. It is fingerprint proof. Mine is also setting under the bathroom hand towel and it it not covered with water drop marks either. This holds 3.17 gallons and a regular small sized trash bag fits great. It actually holds a lot of trash too. It is 15 1/2 inches tall and 9.8 inches across. There is a non skid base on the bottom so you don't have to chase the can around. It only weighs 4 pounds empty but it does stay in place. It is very stylish looking and I love mine. 

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Etekcity Digital Forehead and Ear Infrared Thermometer

Have you ever tried to get a temperature on a screaming baby? It is next to impossible. I was always terrified when my kids were babies that I was going to hurt them while they were thrashing around. I think I dreaded taking their temperatures more then I dreaded them being sick.
This forehead and Ear Thermometer is a God send. Every parent should own one. I love that it only takes a few seconds to have an accurate temperature. This works in 2 ways, 1. Push the F1 button and rub it across the forehead 2. push button F2, pop the cap off the end and place in the ear.
This was put to good use over the weekend. My Daughter and Grand Kids were here, my Grand daughter was not feeling well and felt warm to the touch, Nana pulled out the thermometer and it pronounced her sick with 102.3 fever. It only literally took a second to show the temperature. The screen is very easy to read and lights up so can even be read in the dark, say middle of the night when you want to check for fever but do not want to wake the person/child up. Make sure you keep fresh batteries for it. it does go a bit wonky when the batteries are worn out.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Etekcity® 8GB Multifunctional Portable Rechargeable Digital Audio Voice Recorder

Such a great voice recorder. it is very small, lightweight, and easy to use. it is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere. It is only 3.84" x 1.55" x 0.4. It is very lightweight only 2.75oz. It has 8 gigs of internal memory. The battery life is pretty good too. You can get up to 17 hours of recording time, and 3 hours of playback. It has a Unidirectional dual microphone that will pick up, up to 33 feet. it has dual core noise reduction so the playback is as close to crystal as any recorder I have used. I love that it can be set to a specific time to record, and also be done with voice control.
 This is great for a student or even an executive, Great for recording during class, so you get the whole class. Also great for business meetings. This can be used as  MP3 player, with 8 gigs of memory, that's a lot of songs.
 In the very nice protective box it comes in, you get the recorder, the charging cable,  set of earphones, and the user manual. The recorder when I hooked it to my laptop self installed its drivers, so you do not need a CD or anything for that. This is very easy to use and very easy to transfer files back and forth from the recorder to computer.

 I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

book blast for The Poppy Peters Mystery Series by A. Gardner


(Poppy Peters Mysteries Book 1)

Book Summary:
After an injury derails Poppy Peters' ballet career, she gathers the courage to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and attend Calle Pastry Academy in a small-town in Georgia. Poppy has her work cut out for her not only fitting in with her charming (and not-so-charming ) Southern classmates but also proving her worth to her teachers after her first publicly humiliating attempt a making the school's famous peach pie. But Poppy's pastry problems go from bad to worse when she's suddenly accused of stealing expensive black truffles, and her attempt to clear her name goes awry...resulting in her finding a dead body instead! If Poppy's going to survive this culinary experience, she'll need to find the missing truffles and track down a killer, all while honing her baking skills to compete in the school's dessert competition for a coveted pastry internship in Paris. Can Poppy prove she's one tough cookie? Or is her life about to crumble?

**Recipes Included**


ChocolateMacaronsandaDeadGroom (1)CHOCOLATE MACAROONS AND A DEAD GROOM
(Poppy Peters Mysteries Book 2)

Book Summary:
When Poppy Peters takes an internship in Paris working for a top pastry chef, she realizes that bakery life isn't all cupcakes and frosting. The sous pastry chef dislikes foreigners, her mentor only speaks French, and to top that all off she finds the groom of the wedding she's catering dead in his own backyard. But Lord Dovington wasn't just a handsome royal waiting to sweep his bride-to-be off of her feet. He was also a well-known playboy with a long line of vengeful exes.

Now, as one of the prime suspects, Poppy must prove she's innocent . . . and that her recipe for chocolate macaroons isn't to blame. But the clock is ticking, and with a missing diamond, a break-in, and a hot batch of reporters on her tail, Poppy has a lot of sifting to do. Will she find the killer before she too gets baked?

**Recipes Included**


BananaFosterandadeadmobsterBANANAS FOSTER AND A DEAD MOBSTER
(Poppy Peters Mysteries Book 3)

Book Summary:
Reluctant sleuth Poppy Peters is back in Georgia, and her last semester of pastry school is no icing on the cake when a body is discovered at the local farmer's market, and the murder weapon has Poppy's name on it. Not to mention, the victim belonged to a deadly southern crime family. Now, Poppy is being tailed by the mafia, and it doesn't help that the school's new pastry instructor has her working with her worst rival. But after a heart-stopping car chase, a frightening discovery at an old jam factory, and a spontaneous trip to New Orleans, Poppy discovers a secret that makes her past feats look like a piece of peach pie. Poppy's chances of making it to graduation day are about to go up in flames just like her Bananas Foster.

**Recipes included!**

Praise for the Book

"A sweet and satisfying mystery that will leave you hungry for more! A. Gardner's Poppy Peters Mysteries have earned a place on my keeper shelf!"
~ Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling mystery author

"Charming cozy mystery featuring likable characters."
~Debbie Wiley, Fresh Fiction

"A. Gardner cooks up one fabulous mystery with this Southern suspense."
~Pauline Michael, Night Owl Reviews
My first encounter with a southern guy isn't going so well. So far I've admitted I have never tried sweet tea, and my big toe is a little too long for the shoes I am wearing. Nice one, Poppy. Now he is going to think I am a weird westerner with a foot fetish. I try hard not to look down at my black, high-heeled boots. Why am I the only one on campus wearing any black?
"My name is Cole," the man says with a grin on his face. I reach out to shake his hand. My palms are sweating just like every other place on my body. I haven't even turned thirty yet, and I'm already having hot flashes. It is going to take me some time to get used to this heat.
"Poppy Peters," I reply. I wipe my forehead and underneath my eyes. I bite my lip when I see a bit of smeared mascara on the side of my finger. It is so humid my makeup is melting off. "Is it always this hot here?"
"Welcome to Georgia." Cole chuckles and shrugs as we walk towards the student bakery. Cole is one of the first students I bumped into at the registration office. His lemon-colored T-shirt shines bright compared to his dark skin, and his impressive physique makes me look at him twice. His eyes are intriguing—an even mix of blue and green.
As we walk, I can't help but admire how lush the vegetation is on campus. Every tree outstretches towards the sidewalks, providing a much needed break from the glaring sun. The patches of grass remind me of ocean waves, if the ocean sparkled like emeralds. Even the flowerbeds near the Administration building had bundles of purple and orange wildflowers that couldn't be contained.
"What's that smell?" I ask. "And don't say it smells like fresh meat. I heard a teacher in the Registrar's Office use that joke about a hundred times."
"I'll show you."
I follow Cole across campus until the heavenly smell of baked bread and sugary doughnuts grows stronger. I long for that smell sometimes. It takes me back to my schoolgirl days when I spent my weekends in the kitchen with Grandma Liz. My Grandma Liz came to Calle Pastry Academy when she was in her early twenties. I imagine her tiny frame and long, dancer legs. It's a miracle that she came to this school and still stayed so thin.

A GardnerAuthor A. Gardner
A. Gardner is a native westerner exploring the sweet bites of the south. After years of working in the healthcare industry, she moved across the country with her husband and adventurous baby boy. She is a mystery and romance writer with a serious cupcake obsession and a love of storytelling that began at an early age. When she is not writing, she is either chasing after her son, out for a swim, trying out a new recipe, or painting her nails bright blue.

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